Honduras Diving

Roatan is one of the world's top scuba diving vacation destinations! Reef and wall dives surround the island, and several exciting wreck dives are available. There are dozens of excellent dive sites; here are just a few of the many sites you'll visit.

Popular Dive Sites at Roatan

Calvin's Crack: A plateau atop a shallow reef facing a wall, Calvin's Crack runs through the reef along narrows, widening to an exit along the outer wall.

Spooky Channel: don't miss this unique dive! A former river valley formed this channel which opens to the barrier reef at 100 feet with a cathedral-like scenario. The side walls of the channel rise up to almost touch each other but still allow light to illuminate your way.

Barbareta Wall: 3 miles offshore from Roatan, this uninhabited island offers less-visited reefs and sheer wall dives. Watch for pelagics!

West End Wall: a gorgeous drop-off into the blue, with lots of healthy corals and sponges. Interesting underwater topography.

Enchanted Forest and Insidious Reef: these two dives are part of a larger reef associated with an offshore bank. The drop-off begins from a series of rolling reefs that drop to 70' - 80'. Marine life in abundance!

Connie's Dream: This sloping drop-off provides tube and vase sponges among both red and purple tube sponges, while a seemingly endless system of tall coral heads and deep sand channels fall into the abyss.

Doc's Elbow: this popular night dive provides divers with a variety of life, including octopus, reef crabs and lobsters.

Mary's Place: definitely one of the most popular dive sites... the dive starts at a permanent mooring buoy on the reef shelf, along a vertical crevice that drops from 40', with a huge section of the wall broken away from the main section to form a wide slit. Lots of swim-throughs, excellent and vibrant marine life.


Wreck Diving - "El Aguila": 210' cargo boat perfectly sunk at 100 feet of water on a sandy bottom full of Deep Garden Eels. It has been adapted for penetration diving so you can descend onto open large compartments where you can surprise a number of fish in their homes. Adjacent to the boat runs the wall to finish off the dive among the shallow water tropical fish.